I am a software developer and a hobbyist 3D artist.

Here’s a summary of my experience with the different technologies I work with.

I mainly write C# & F#. I’m also experienced with Python, JavaScript (ES6, Vue, React, Polymer, Node/Express), CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Semantic UI, PureCSS), and the frontend ecosystem in general.

I prefer ASP.NET Core for writing web APIs (or Suave, if allowed). Oh, I also love WebSockets (and have particularly more experience in that area)!

For games, the open source Godot Engine is my first choice. For mobile apps, I use Xamarin.

I really care about clean code & architecture and may spend hours trying to figure out the most idiomatic way of implementation.

I work as a freelance developer so feel free to email requests any time. I’ll try my best to respond within the same day.

I am most proficient at building secure, robust web APIs accompanied by javascript clients (mostly VueJS) that consume them. I’ve also designed various websites using MDL, Bootstrap, and SemanticUI so I have experience in creating landing pages and the like.

Contact me at biarity@outlook.com. Follow me on twitter for updates: @Biarity.